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10 Apr 2014
Weight loss solution is one of the most important matters for any over-weighted person. But, it will be great matter of pleasure if you get weigh loss tips on your android phone. Yes, this is possible as many weight loss tips android apps are available in Google Play and other places. Read also: Free Apps for Android Mobiles  

Android Apps for Weight Loss Tips: Effective Weight Loss Guide (Apps for Weight Loss iPhone)

App for Weight Watchers Points iPad App for Weight Watchers[/caption] Effective Weight Loss Guide is a nice android app containing many weight loss tips and home remedies. In fact, this app is a huge collection of tips, Calories chart for various food and BMI calculator. Some physical exercise with food chart provides full guidance to any person....

14 Mar 2014

This is an instant text and voice messaging app platform that was developed by Tencent, a Chinese firm with a lot of interest in telephony value addition services. The social networking app was rolled out by China Mobile in 2011 for the first time in China. People love Wechat because it is Plants Vs Zombies 2 for PC simple, fast, reliable and private.

This service has remained a very popular instant messaging service in China and the other countries in the Far East and South East Asia. Even though the service is concentrated in these regions, it is growing fast in other parts of the world too.

By January 2013 the social networking app had recorded a 300 million user base worldwide and a total of about 100 million users outside China. The...