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14 Mar 2014

This is an instant text and voice messaging app platform that was developed by Tencent, a Chinese firm with a lot of interest in telephony value addition services. The social networking app was rolled out by China Mobile in 2011 for the first time in China. People love Wechat because it is Plants Vs Zombies 2 for PC simple, fast, reliable and private.

This service has remained a very popular instant messaging service in China and the other countries in the Far East and South East Asia. Even though the service is concentrated in these regions, it is growing fast in other parts of the world too.

By January 2013 the social networking app had recorded a 300 million user base worldwide and a total of about 100 million users outside China. The app was placed 5th in the list of the most used Smartphone mobile apps around the world by Globalwebindex

It is free to download Wechat on android, iphone, blackberry, windows phone and most Symbian mobile phones. This app is in the same category with Whatsapp and Viber. It is a service that was specifically developed for mobile but can also be made available on PC with the help of an android emulator.

To install the social networking app, you will have to download Wechat setup file from one of several sources. The app can be downloaded from ITunes app store, goggle play store and Blackberry app world. The setup files can also be directly downloaded Wechat from its official website, This website is easily accessible through a mobile phone.

Apart from instant text and audio instant messaging, the social networking app also supports and provides many other services. Some of these additional services that you will get on this platform include one-to-many messaging, Photo and video sharing. Wechat also allows for group chats and message forwarding.

Most instant messaging services users take photo feature as very important. That is why when you capture special moments of your life through photos, Wechat gives you the platform through which to share these moments with friends and family. The feature goes by the same name of moments.

Features of Wechat

Video calls and voice calls are other cool features of Wechat that are part of the package that user of this instant messaging service get when they install the newer versions. Version 4.2 and above supports these two features.

Wechat has also joined the list of many mobile service providers that support payment services. The app supports a payment service by binding credit/debit and mobile paying.

Furthermore, Wechat has the capability of scanning bar codes, book covers, street view and word. This feature is handy while shopping and travelling.

Another cool feature that is found on Wechat platform is games. Users can play games even as pairs. Some games are preinstalled while there can be downloaded and installed. In addition, users of this social networking app can buy animated stickers to use with messages, click here .

To sign up, you will need your mobile number as the basic credential. It is also possible to connect to your Wechat account your Facebook profile. The social networking app is supported in over fifteen languages around the world, including Chinese and English. This makes it available to majority of people around the world.